Who’s Ted?

Ted Bann has been churning out words for a living most of his adult life, but didn’t start writing fiction until he hit his 40s. (Although since his day job was advertising copy, you could argue he’s never written anything but.)

Something of a professional hobo, he’s lived in six countries and explored sixty more. On the basis you need to live your characters be they action hero or Zen thinker, he’s a qualified skydiver, climbs walls at grade V5, works out with a 50kg heavy bag, and does Yoga in a room heated to 44C. He’s a trained statistician with a Master’s in business and a deep interest in physics, and whatever the subject or research problem, he always tries to put the numbers in. Data isn’t everything, but it is a lot.

Ted’s other sites include Espresso Stories, where thousands of authors publish ultra-short fiction of 25 words or less; Gabe Rayner, the first business consultant action hero;  Chris does Content, his work site in his real name; and 100 Days, 100 Grand, a work plan for freelancers who’d like a six-figure income in a hundred days’ time.